Making the switch to Co-op Lubricants
March 23, 2021

When the time comes to buy lubricant, you probably reach for the same product you always have – it’s just become habit. But sometimes change can be an improvement for both your equipment and your wallet.

Choosing the right lubricant doesn't have to be a burden. Whether you need more information about a specific product or a particular specification for your equipment, your local Co-op is here for you.

Choosing Co-op Premium Lubricants

Need diesel motor oil? We’ve got it. Recreational vehicles? That too. Grease? Yup, you’ll find it in our cross-reference guide.

If you have the current product you use on hand, we’ll easily be able to find a comparable Co-op product that will be right for you. Our cross-reference guide shows all lubricant product categories, comparing Co-op products with those from our competitors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

We’re confident Co-op Premium Lubricants are on par with or better than the competition. All of our products strive to meet or exceed OEM specifications, so you can count on them to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Plus, all our lubricant oils are backed by the Co-op Oil Guarantee, so you can be sure we’ll have your back when you need it.

Making the Switch

Harv Hauser of Hauser Construction was using a top-of-the-line lubricant product from a major competitor for many years and wasn’t looking to make a switch.

But when approached to test Co-op products, he agreed to run two scrapers with Co-op lubricants and two with the competitor product he usually used. After a year and multiple samples, oil analysis results concluded the Co-op product matched the competitors in providing performance and protection after hundreds of hours of operation.

“At that point, we made the call to switch to Co-op lubricants,” said Hauser, a Wild Rose Co-op customer. “The samples indicated that it was performing just as well as what we used before but at a better price. Our old supplier also had some issues delivering product to the point we were holding up production while waiting to change oil on some pieces of equipment.”

Hauser also mentioned that since making the switch, his local Co-op has always been there for him whenever he has questions or needs something.

“The service is just absolutely second to none. They’re always available to answer questions and seem to go out of their way to find you the answers you need. They just have really amazing people on their team.”

If you’re considering making the switch to Co-op lubricant products for your operation, give your local Co-op a call. Our Co-op Fuel Team Members will be willing and able to assist you in the search for the best product for your vehicle, equipment or machinery.

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