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June 24, 2019

Turtleford & District Co-op Membership

Simply by purchasing a lifetime membership at any of our Turtleford & District Co-op locations, you can become part owner of a continually growing and thriving community-minded business.

Co-op offers lifetime membership benefits, including the promise of high-quality products and services at competitive prices. Everyone is welcome to shop at Turtleford & District Co-op locations and everyone is invited to become a Co-op member.

Members are owners. They have the ability to participate in the democratic process at their local association’s annual meeting, which includes asking questions, proposing/voting on resolutions, becoming a board member and electing board members.

Cash Back & Equity

The amount members potentially receive is based on a percentage of their purchases throughout the year, which is distributed in in two ways: annual cash back or equity. Like a savings account, every member has an equity account that grows over time. Decisions and policies on profit-sharing are made locally and vary between co-operative associations.

Apply today to begin a lifetime of membership benefits.

Becoming a member is easy. You can:

Visit one of our locations or visit our Co-op Membership Benefits website for more information about membership and its benefits.

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